Parking for Shopmobility Clients


Please request parking at the time of booking

 Shopmobility Clients

We are fortunate at the moment to be able to offer a free parking space of Shopmobility Clients that haver booked equipment to hire.

When parking your car you do so at your own risk, and instructions are included below. The car park is monitored and failure to comply with the information given may result in your Vehicle being ticketed.

  • **Traffic Lights are in place on the ramp only proceed if you have a green light.
  • **Traffic goes both up and down the ramp.
  • Priority will be given to traffic going up the ramp, to avoid queues on Melville Street /Broadgate.
  • Do not block access routes in the car park.
  • If you are waiting to go down you must only wait in the layby  as shown on the map.
  • All spaces are allocated and we only have access to numbers 11 to 21 as shown on the map.
  • Do not park anywhere else. You will be ticketed
  • Your permit must be visible in the window.
  • When you arrive, you will need to come down to the office and collect your mobility aid and your pass, and then take it back to the car***.
  • You will have already provided us with your car registration number and make.
  •  You will be given time to collect the pass.
  • On departure when you return your pass and the mobility aid, we will allow you time to go back and collect your car.
  •  UKCPS will monitor the car park and cars not displaying  a permit or incorrectly parked will be ticketed
  •  Once a ticket is issued, it will be your responsibility to either pay or dispute any penalty issued.
  • Lincolnshire Co-op and Lincoln Area DialaRide will not intervene between UKCPS and the user.

** Access and exit to and from the parking space will be via the existing ramps until the traffic lights have been installed.

***If we have volunteers available, we will assist in bringing the equipment to you. You would need to call us when you are parked in the car park to check if we have volunteers available.  Please note this will only be possible if we have the volunteers, as we cannot leave the office unattended.


  1. Book the equipment up to seven days in advance
  2. Check if there is parking available at the time of booking.
  3. On the day park the car, come to the office, and collect the equipment and the parking pass.
  4. Place the parking pass in your window ensuring it is visible.
  5. When leaving collect the pass from your car and return it with the equipment to the office.
  6. Return to your car and depart the car park

Shopmobility Booking line 01522 514477 9am-4.15pm

If you have made a booking and no longer require it, please let us know, as there may be someone else requiring the equipment.

Please check the times that you have booked, if there is a possibility of you being late, please  call the Shopmobility office, as there maybe someone else who has the equipment ( or parking space ) booked.

map of parking area