Dial-a-Ride Q&A

Question: What are the criteria for registering to use the DialaRide service?
Answer: You must live within a six mile radius of the centre of Lincoln (as shown on the map below), and find it difficult to use other forms of transport due to age and/or disability.    


You will note that our catchment area includes the following villages in addition to the City of Lincoln:

Aisthorpe, Aubourn, Birchwood, Bracebridge Heath, Branston, Branston Booths, Broadholme, Broxholme, Cherry Willingham, Doddington, Dunholme, Eagle Moor, Fiskerton, Harmston, Heighington, Langworth, Nettleham, North Carlton, North Greetwell, North Hykeham, Potterhanworth, Reepham, Riseholme, Saxilby, Scampton, Scothern, Skellingthorpe, South Carlton, South Hykeham, Thorpe on the Hill, Waddington, Washingborough, Welton.

If you live outside of the above area you may be able to use our Voluntary Car Service.  For further information please contact our Booking Line on 01522 544983, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4:15pm.

Question: How do I register to use the service?
Answer: You can either call us on the DialaRide booking line or visit our office (the details of which are listed in Contact Details). We will then take some information about your personal circumstances and will require the applicable Registration Fee. Once we have received all of the information that we require and have received the applicable Registration Fee, you will be able to make bookings.
Question: How much is the Registration Fee?

The registration fee for DialaRide is £20.

The registration fee for ShopMobility is £20.

The registration fee for the Voluntary Car Service is £12.

All registration fees are due annually.

Question: How much does it cost to use the services?
Answer: DialaRide:
Minimum distance charged is two miles. Travel costs £1.50 a mile (or part mile). 

No charge for using equipment during opening hours.

Voluntary Car Scheme:
Minimum distance charged is eight miles. Travel costs 60p a mile (or part mile). Travel is charged to and from the volunteer driver’s home. Volunteer drivers receive 45p for every mile driven.

Question: What purposes can I use the DialaRide service for?
Answer: You can use the DialaRide service for any purpose. For example, it could be to attend a medical appointment, to go shopping or visit friends and/or family.  we will transport people anywhere in mainland UK…. as long as we have a volunteer driver available; this applies to DAR and VCS bookings
Question: How do I book a DialaRide trip?

Requests for DialaRide trips can be made on the Booking Line (See Contact Details) or in person at our office. Please do not leave trip request details on the answerphone.

When making a request please ensure that you have as much information as possible with regard to the addresses of all pick-up and drop-off points. We may ask you for a postcode. When you call to make a request we may not be able to confirm the trip straight away.  We will advise that we have made a note of your request and at this time the trip is not scheduled. Once we have the availability of our Volunteer drivers and our buses and we can accommodate your trip, we will call you back.   We will keep trying to schedule your request up to 15:30 the day before the trip. If you have not heard from us then you have not been successful, we do call to let you know and will give you information that may help you get other requests confirmed, it may be that the time you requested was a popular one that gets taken quickly. We may get cancellations on the day and if we can see that requests have not been confirmed we may be able to offer you a trip. If we are able to schedule your request we can email you the  confirmation or we will call you, if you have an answer machine we will leave a message.  There is only usually one person a day doing the scheduling so we are unable to call people back each day to update them on the trip status.

Question: How much notice do I need to give?
Answer: Requests for local trips can be made up to one week in advance (subject to availability). You do not have to give a week’s notice but you are more likely to be able to gain the times that you would like if you give more notice.
Requests for local trips including five or more passengers can be made up to eight days in advance (subject to availability). Special long distance trips can be requested weeks or months in advance (subject to availability)Requests. for the Voluntary Cars Service must be made in advance of the date required but there is no limit to the amount of notice that can be given. 

If your request is for a medical appointment please give us as much notice as possible as we endeavour to prioritise these.

Question: How do I cancel a booked trip?

Contact the booking line (which is open from 8am for cancellations).

If you give us less than thirty minutes notice you may still be charged for the trip.

Please remember that other registered users may be on a waiting list for trips, if you no longer require your confirmed trip we may be able to help someone else .

Question: Can I take a friend or carer with me?
Answer: Yes you can. We only ask that you inform us of how many escorts will be accompanying you on any booked trip. Failure to do so could mean that there may not be a seat for some or all of your escorts.
Question: Can I take a Mobility Aid with me?

We recommend that you inform us of the details of any mobility aids (electric and manual) that you would like to bring with you so that we can make sure the vehicle we assign to your trip is suitable.

Bookings for Voluntary Car Service trips must also include information on any large luggage or excess baggage. Powered wheelchairs and scooters cannot be taken by the Voluntary Car Service and you must be capable of transferring unaided from any manual folding wheelchairs.

Travel may be refused if any of the above is undeclared as it could pose a health and safety issue.

Question: Can I stay seated on a mobility scooter, power-chair or manual wheelchair whilst being transported in the vehicle?

Dialaride buses are equipped to allow passengers to remain seated in some electric and manual wheelchairs (there are models that are unsuitable, please check during booking if your mobility aid is suitable). Scooters can be transported, but you must transfer to a bus seat before travelling.

No Voluntary Car Service vehicles are equipped to allow passengers to remain seated on mobility equipment. You must be capable of transferring yourself to a car seat.

Question: Can I take luggage or shopping with me?
Answer: You may take reasonable amounts of luggage and/or shopping with you. Larger items such as furniture may not be transported. If you have any doubts, please speak to us whilst making your request. Persons making bookings for the Voluntary Car Service must inform us of any items that they may wish to take with them, including any mobility aids or luggage, to ensure that they can be safely accommodated.
Question: Can I make block bookings?
Answer: Block bookings may not be made so as to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity of gaining transportation for any given time.
Question: What hours does the DialaRide service operate?
Answer: Lincoln Area DialaRide operates Monday to Friday 08:30 to 16:15 and 18:30 until 21:45. On Saturdays it operates from 09:00 to 16:15. The service is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.The Voluntary Car Service can operate any day or time (Subject to volunteer availability).