ShopMobility Q&A

Question: What are the criteria for registering to use the Lincoln Shopmobility service?
Answer: You may register to use the service if you have a lack of mobility that restricts your ability to access the shopping precincts of Lincoln.
Question: How do I register with Lincoln Shopmobility?
Answer: You can either call us on our Shopmobility Booking Line or visit our office (the details of which are listed in Contact Details). We will take some information about your personal circumstances, we will require two forms of identity (one of which must be photographic) and we will require the applicable Registration Fee. Once we have received all of the above, you will be able to make bookings.
Question: How much is the Registration Fee?
Answer: The Registration Fees are due annually by the 1st July. Persons joining between the 1st July and 31st December will be charged £10. Persons joining between the 1st January and 31st March will be charged £5. Persons joining between the 1st April and 30th June will be charged £10 which will run until the 30th June the following year.
Question: What hours does the Shopmobility service operate?
Answer: Lincoln Shopmobility operates Monday to Friday 09:00 to 16:15 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:15.  The service is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Question: Can I return hired equipment outside of the normal operating hours?
Answer: Hired equipment can only be returned within our normal operating hours. It is your responsibility to ensure that you return equipment within our operating hours. Persons returning equipment after 16:15 hrs will be charged a fee of £5.00 per hour or part thereof for every hour that the equipment is returned late by. Persons returning equipment and leaving it outside of the operating hours could have their Registration suspended or terminated.
Question: How much does it cost to use the Lincoln Shopmobility service?
Answer: Daily loan of mobility equipment is free to those registered with Lincoln Shopmobility. Charges for longer term hire of selected equipment can be obtained by contacting the Shopmobility Booking Line (the details of which are listed in Contact Details).The charge to Visitors wishing to hire a manual wheelchair for a single day or part thereof is £5.00 (A deposit will be required and terms & conditions apply).The charge to Visitors wishing to hire powered equipment for a single day or part thereof is £10.00 (A deposit will be required and terms & conditions apply).The charge to Visitors wishing to hire equipment over a longer term can be obtained by contacting the Shopmobility Booking Line (the details of which are listed in Contact Details. A deposit will be required and terms & conditions apply).
Question: How do I book a Mobility Aid?
Answer: Mobility equipment can be booked either on the Shopmobility Booking Line (See Contact Details) or in person at the Lincoln Shopmobility Office.
Question: How much notice do I need to give?
Answer: Bookings for single day loan can be made up to one week in advance (subject to availability). You do not have to give a week’s notice but you are more likely to be able to gain the mobility aid of choice if you give more notice.Bookings for long term hire can be made weeks or months in advance (subject to availability).
Question: How do I cancel a booking?
Answer: If you no longer require a booked mobility aid you are asked to let us know as soon as possible by contacting the Shopmobility Booking Line or informing us in person (See Contact Details).
Question: Can I carry luggage or shopping on a mobility aid?
Answer: You must not overload any mobility equipment. No items may be attached to any equipment in such a position that could interfere with its control or manoeuvrability. Bags must not be hung from the handlebars of any mobility scooter. Only one person is allowed on any equipment.
Question: Can I make block bookings?
Answer: Block bookings may not be made so as to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity of loaning equipment.
Question: How far can I travel on powered equipment?
Answer: The battery range of powered equipment can vary enormously depending on many different factors, such as what speed the equipment is used at, how much weight the equipment is carrying, whether the equipment has to go up any hills etc……. It is therefore impossible to give an accurate figure of how far any powered equipment may be able to cover whilst on loan. As a guide you are asked to keep an eye on the battery level indicator that is located on powered equipment and if the level gets low, you are asked to bring the equipment back to the Shopmobility office.
Question: Can I hire equipment overnight?
Answer: We have manual wheelchairs and a limited number of the smaller type of scooters that may be hired overnight or for longer periods of time. For further information please contact the Shopmobility office (See Contact Details).
Question: Can I park a car at the Lincoln Shopmobility premises?
Answer: No, we no longer have any parking available and the closest parking is in the multi story car park. there is information available on the website.  When booking equipment if you advise that you are parking in the Car park, we will be able to bring the scooter to you and collect it from the car park after you have paid for your parking and reurned to your car. you will have to call us to let us know when and where you are in the car park, and we will be out as quickly as possible. At times where we have no volunteers available or members of staff are unavailable there may be a delay.
Question: What do I do if the Shopmobility equipment that I am using breaks down?
Answer: If a Shopmobility aid that you are using breaks down within the City of Lincoln in normal operating hours and you cannot safely get back to the Shopmobility premises you can contact us on one of the telephone numbers that are displayed on the equipment. We will then either recover you and the equipment and return you both to the Shopmobility office, or arrange for an alternate aid to be brought to you. Please note that any alternate equipment is subject to suitability and availability. However, please note that it remains the responsibility of the hirer to arrange the safe return of broken down equipment within our normal operating hours if the equipment has been hired on long term loan (overnight) and/or is not located within the City of Lincoln and/or has broken down within an area that has been designated as unsafe and/or has broken down outside of our normal operating hours.